Materials and data sheets

We work with many different materials, and we’ve listed the materials that we work with most often here.

Iron and Steel

 CategoryEN number & data sheetOther names
Black SteelIronS235JRG2St 37
IronS355J2G3 / S355J2+NSt 52-3
Iron OffshoreS355G10+N / S355G10+MNORSOK M-120 Y20
Pressure and hot solid sheetBoiler plateP265GHHII
Boiler plateP355NH / NL / GH
Hot solid16Mo3
Hot solid13CrMo4-5
Wear resistant platesWear steelHardox 400 / 450HB400
Wear steelHardox 500 / 550HB500
Wear steelHardox 600HB600
High strength platesHigh strength steelWeldox 420S420 ML
High strength steelWeldox 700S690 QL / Aldur 700QL
Quenched and temperd plates Quenched and temperd plates 42CrMo4V1.7225 / 1.7227
Martensitic stainless steel Stainlees 1.4418 165M, 119

Stainless Steel

 CategoryEN number & data sheet Other names
Martensitic stainless steel Stainless1.4418165M,119
Austenitic stainless steel Stainless1.4301 / 1.4307 PDFAISI 304 / 304L
Stainless1.4541AISI 321
Acid-resistant1.4401 / 1.4404 PDFAISI 316 / 316L
Acid-resistant1.4432AISI 316L
Acid-resistant1.4436AISI 316
AISI 316Ti
Acid-resistant1.4539AISI 904L
DuplexDuplex1.4462S32205 / S31803 / SAF 2205
Super Duplex1.4410S32750 7 SAF 2507


 EN number & data sheet Other names
Seawater resistant EN AW- 5754Alu. 5754
EN AW- 5083Alu. 5083
EN AW- 6082Alu. 6082


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