Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting

Unisteel has many years of experience in plasma cutting of steel plates and manufacturing machine parts for all sorts of heavy industry. Plasma cutting is an efficient cutting method that, with the help of high temperatures and high speed cutting, can ensure millimeter-precise cuts. We are geared towards both one- off productions and series productions alike. We offer professional and effective solutions with modern methods and techniques, and we strive for the utmost quality on every project. Most of our customers have a clear idea of how they envision the design of their materials when they contact us. Many also have drafts with measurements and dimensions, as well as their desired steel grade. Because we have experienced employees, our customers may also make use of our expertise and experience.


SOS Børnebyerne

We support SOS Børnebyerne – we have for many years had two children … Cancer Society Copenhagen Business Club which supports development in youth sports. addition to other charities …

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