Unisteel A/S

One of the Nordic region’s leading suppliers of cut-to-size steel

Since 1943, Unisteel A/S has been one of the Nordic region’s leading suppliers in the cutting of all metals.

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A collaboration with a view to delivering a more finished product

We supply industry within offshore, shipbuilding, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food products, tanks (both stainless steel and iron) and machine factories.



At Unisteel A/S, we deliver products of the highest quality within the Nordic region.


Our machine park can cut both large and small metals with huge precision.


Our reliable service ensures that our customers remain with us for many years.


When you choose us, you are guaranteed a partner with solid know-how and experience.

Meet the team

Our talented colleagues are the heart of our business

Our talented colleagues are the driving force behind our business and our most important resource. Which is why we have a strong emphasis on finding the right colleagues – and on taking good care of them once we find them.

Ours services

We cut all types of steel and other materials efficiently and with purpose in mind


Flame cutting

Up to 450mm

Plasma cutting

Up to 30mm

Water jet cutting

Up to 150mm (tolerance of ± 0.5mm)

Underwater plasma

Up to 45mm

Laser cutting

Up to 30mm


Unisteel is an environmentally conscious company that satisfies legal requirements consistently

Unisteel is an environmentally conscious company that consistently satisfies the legal requirements for its industry. Unisteel is currently working on becoming ISO 14001 certified.


We are some of the best at what we do

With more than 70 years of experience in flame, plasma and water jet cutting, we can offer the best advice and production for your company’s blanks.

Our quality

Our materials

Our machine park